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The End of the Stamp Duty Holiday

The stamp duty holiday ended on the 31st December and only houses under 125,000 are now exempt from the tax.

In September 2009 all properties up to 175,000 were declared free of stamp duty, which would have saved up to 1,750 on a property at the top of the scale. During 2009 51 % of all house sales involved no stamp duty at an estimated cost to the Treasury of 615 million although the Council of Mortgage lenders believe this figure will be more in the region of 500 million.

Before the holiday properties in the Northern and Humberside regions had the highest number of exempt properties .The number increased from almost 50% to more than 75% when the threshold increased to 175,000. In Ulster this figure was 69% whilst in London this figure increased from 2% to 17%.

The end of the holiday sparked a last minute rush to complete property deals before the end of December making Christmas an unusually busy time for Estate Agents.

Stamp duty is 1% for properties between 125,000 and 250,000 and rises to 3% between 250,000 and 500,000 and 4% for properties valued over 500,000.





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